My Aneros Journey

Sorry ahead of time if this is a longer post but I wanted to share my experience so far.

So I’m 25 years old and have been using aneros for a few years now. So far I’ve owned a bunch of different models including the Eupho Syn Trident, Helix Syn Trident, MGX, and the Helix Classic. Just last week I finally purchased the Progasm!

Up until now my results have varied. Some days I was disappointed and then some days I felt like I was finally getting somewhere.

I’ve followed all of the guides and tips that I could find online. Some were very helpful and some not so much.

During my sessions over the last few years, the progress that I’ve made has been overall pretty exciting tbh. I went from barely feeling anything, to experiencing pleasurable sensations. Haven’t experienced a “Super O” yet but I am optimistic.

Prior to the progasm, the most I’ve experienced was pleasurable sensations throughout my body accompanied by leaking precum and some trembling.

Yesterday, I experienced the Progasm for the very first time ever. Wow! Like wow! Within minutes, I felt the feeling of “I need to cum” and I was leaking a decent amount of precum. I felt involuntary contractions. I started to tremble and I felt a very short sensation of what felt like was about to turn into an orgasm. It only lasted about 20 seconds but it was pretty awesome.

Prior to yesterday’s session, I only gave myself about 1 day of abstinence and wasn’t even horny before I started the session. I’m hoping that after a week or so of no sexual activity, that my next session with be even better!

Curious to hear if anyone else has had similar results after trying out the Progasm?




  1. I literally just hit the buy button this minute for a Progasm. I can’t take all the good reviews any longer!

  2. I went straight to the Progasm and it works pretty well for me too! Perhaps too well xD now I’m trying to NOT cum so quickly and ride the wave

  3. The Progasm changed everything for me. It was a night and day difference. I don’t even bother with the other models anymore. I kind of wish Aneros would make like a Progasm XL version that was a bit beefier. That extra amount of pressure would send me over the moon.

  4. Which Progasm version did you guys get? Classic? Ice? Black Ice? Red? .. Apparently they all have different sensations.

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