I may have found the easiest way to achieve Super Os


Smoke your weed, get your wine, hot water and sink it in. Let your full body relax and then insert your Aneros. Breathe in, out and relax

Make sure your almost lightweight to the point your floating in the water. The Aneros will throw you all over the bath tub. Super intense and effective.

All I did was relax, make sure that the tub was slippery so my pelvic area could move around.

I got out of breath countless times.

Have fun! I achieved all that with the helix syn. No poppers, no nipple play. Just water, breathing control and weed

Good luck!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/kkkgef/i_may_have_found_the_easiest_way_to_achieve_super/


  1. Probably need a water proof lube like silicone lube for this right? Which also means you need the non-syn models so that it doesn’t react with the lube?

  2. Well it’s not easy when you are someone who’s not into drugs. Yes I know weed is pretty harmless but still I don’t wanna use it.

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