Triggering the need to poop

Sorry for the gross topic, but I need advice. I have a helix Syn and a Progasm. When I use either one, it keeps triggering the need to poop. I always go before a session, but it never fails that I have to stop my session at least once or twice to have to poop, not to mention make a mess. Last night it was three times and I finally abandoned my session.

I have tried a bulb cleaning before as well as upped my Metamucil.

Any advice is appreciated.



  1. Perhaps use your enema an hour or two in advance of using your Aneros toys. By cleaning yourself well in advance you give your body time to push out any remaining water or other stuff.

    Since you’re already taking a fiber supplement I think the next step would be to adjust your diet some if this is a continuous issue, make sure to eat less greasy foods and stuff like that on the days you want to use your Aneros. Eating healthier just makes it easier to stay clean down there.

  2. What lube are you using? For me any water based lube with glycerin acts like an enema on me and My body wants to expel it along with other “stuff” soon after insertion.

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