Does prostate milking help with the rewiring process?

Basically title.

I have not been able to orgasm using my Helix Syn yet. However I sometimes have short involuntaries and am generally able to controll all the muscles on their own. I just think my rewiring process is not completed yet, as I am not too far along the journey, timewise.

However I own some other toys and today I have been able to, for the first time, milk my prostate and get some cum out of it. Not much, maybe a teaspoon full but still. Does prostate milking help with the rewiring process?

My rationale would be that getting the prostate “accustomed” to touch would make it more sensitive.

Anyone have experience with this?



  1. I can share my experience. I was a die hard Aneros user and had great success with those toys. But I felt there was still something missing. I never was able to get any milking from using aneros. No pre-cum, nothing even though I had great pleasure.

    I finally tried the nJoy Pure Wand and with that toy I was able to successfully milk my prostate. I get lots of oozing with it. In my opinion using the nJoy Pure Wand took my rewiring to the next level. I know use both Aneros and nJoy Pure Wand when I massage my prostate.

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