P-tab cup

Several years ago I remember coming across this rubber cup online that you could put over the P-tab on a massager. Many guys had said it too an edge off the pressure on their perineum while added extra sensation & pleasure. Feels like something one should find easily on Etsy, but no luck.

I ask this b/c I’m finding my MGX’s p-tab to be uncomfortable after a bit, and need something to either stick less or spread the sensation out over a larger area. Either way, I appreciate any help in finding this. FYI, it’s could also be construed as a bit of a toy, being a 1/2 hollow-sphere/ball that when turned inside out would do this weird pop & flip thing.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/kn3t7x/ptab_cup/


  1. Put a little bit of tissue, folded, and put it between your perineum and the tab. Also, I used a grinder to mold I a little for comfort. Be careful not to go too far. You can also, again being careful, take a heat source (blow dryer, heat gun, etc) heat the plastic strip holding the tab, gently bend it out, or in, depending on your need for the comfort. In the aneros forum, you can find good tips

  2. I also had a little trouble with this tab when I first started using MGX.

    After a few sessions, I got used to it.

  3. Sugru! It’s mouldable silicone or something like that. I added it to mine and it’s perfect. I think the website is [sugru.com](sugru.com)

    Edit. Not sure what’s up with the link.

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