1. I have the Helix Syn Trident (silicone) and the old kit the Peridice used to come in (medical plastic), to give you a sense of my comparison.

    I really enjoyed using the Helix Syn Trident, shape and sensations aside, the Syn has a certain “drag” that i rather enjoy (compared to the medical plastic). The P & K tabs are very comfortable also (not ridged, some reasonable flex), so they are present but do not “dig in”.

    I suspect the trade off is a minor loss of “mobility” with regards to the Syn models, but a wonderful experience worth the few extra dollars in my opinion.

  2. Do their “CompariSyn” special and get a Helix Syn & another trident (I’d suggest either the MGX for a novice or a Eupho if you’ve been playing for a while). At $99, you get two and get to try out the Syn vs traditional.

  3. After 2 years of good success. I will only use the trident toys. In my experience they move much better than the syn devices. Another reason also is you can use various lubes with them, unlike the syn models. Also as discussed on the aneros forums website you can polish the white aneros toys to be super smooth. Can’t do that with the syn toys. Bottom line though is the movement. Movement is everything. Not much happens without any device movement.

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