Super O achived ! But afraid I will have to stop using aneros now…

Hey, I am a 22 years old male. I started the aneros journey 4-5 months ago and was using it maybe 3 to 6-7 times a months.
The first sessions felt good but I was having a hard time getting to involuntaries, and getting real pleasure.
But when I learnt how to relax, almost meditate and most importantly to not expect more pleasure and expect anything to happen and just enjoye the moment I finally got it.
I was listening erotic audio hypno, and then pleasure started to rise, prostate started pulsing and that was it, it was impossible to stop it and it felt like it was never ceasing to increase and then I came harder than ever and really long, and after that I came again and again. All this time I was on my back and then I turned around on my belly, ass up, almost like being in doggy and had another orgasm combined with classic penis cum, it was really amazing.
I tried again a month later and I had another super O.

The problem is that I am currently struggling to quit my porn addiction that has been going on since 10 years because I am in relationship and have some erectile dysfunction caused by it and I really need to quit. So I read about aneros and the levels of dopamine released by super O and everyone says it’s really bad for no fap and quitting porn addiction. So now that I finally got the super O I am a bit sad that I won’t be able to experience it again…

Anyway that’s my story guys



  1. Weirdly nofap led me to prostate play. Last summer I decided enough was enough with my porn addiction and I was going to nofap. I was still allowed to have sex, and my gf jerked me off a few times.

    Well, a couple weeks in I was SO horny i ended up buying some knock off prostate toy from china. I decided that if i didn’t touch my penis then it was fine. My nofap lasted 40 something days and it really really helped. Yes, I sometimes relapse with porn, but it’s usually only when I smoke weed. I only masturbate around once a week and the urge to cum has dropped. My sexual energy has risen dramatically, and being in a state of horniess no longer makes me feel uncomfortable, but rather empowered.

    Your bad habits will never change unless you want to do something about it, so whatever you try will not work unless you REALLY want to quit porn. Good luck soldier.

  2. Fwiw, I started using the Aneros as a way to increase my pelvic floor strength when I was having some trouble maintaining erections in my late 20s. Everyone is different but, if you can get your porn usage under control, the Aneros could be a valuable tool. (Disclaimer: I can’t say with certainty whether my hang up was a physical or mental issue. Likely a bit of both, but in either case I believe the Aneros helped restore my confidence)

  3. Haven’t had a super O yet – but don’t feel the need to watch porn while using Aneros (I find it distracting) don’t feel the need to jack off normally either (much) so… I settle for Aneros PGASMS… I reckon you’ve done well to have Super O.. why give up on something wonderful?

  4. Depending on what your erectile issues are, you may be fine with aneros and erotic hypnosis. The “death grip” is a common issue men can struggle. Basically, they have a hard time maintaining an erection with a partner because they are used to super high pressure on their penis. This correction for this is to just use a lighter grip when stroking, but most people just forgo porn masturbating. Using an aneros should be fine for this kind of issue.

    Now, if the issue is that you are having trouble getting aroused to vanilla sex with a partner because it isn’t as kinky as porn, then an aneros might be harmful. Although if sex is an important thing to you, I highly advise to find someone with a similar sex drive and/or kinks. You can always use an aneros or butt plug with regular sex.

  5. Porn addiction has absolutely no scientific backing! It is a shame-based myth rooted in antiquated puritanical ideology.

  6. I never really had a problem with porn but before prostate play I definitely viewed it a bit more. Playing with my prostate & learning dry Os has really removed any interest of wanting to look at porn. Having dry Os & prostate orgasms is more than enough for me. I also practice a little semen retention, so this ramps up my arousal more. I think more of the next session instead of surfing porn. So I wonder if you really need to stop prostate play. Being that you’ve had a lot of beginner’s luck. Some guys have been doing P-play for 10 years and haven’t achieved what you have. Might want to reconsider stopping, unless it would be a porn trigger for you.

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