2 comments on “What exactly are involuntaries?

  1. You can induce involuntaries when your pc and anal muscles contract over time and become fatigued. The involuntary contractions occur when you clench or relax these muscles after working them out.

    I highly recommend the mindgasm series which explains this process concisely (particularly lesson 2 though start with lesson 1 if you’re a beginner).


  2. Its hard for me to reach that stage but if I’m aroused relaxed and patient. I will do a very light contraction and get this tingly, buzzy, rapid tightening and relaxing centered around my prostate.

    Im pretty sure these are what most people call involuntaries.

    I can also induce imvoluntaries with stronger contraction but, its a different felling more like lifting a heavy weight that causes my arms to waiver and it pulls all of my pc muscles including the root of my penis. While these fell stimulating they don’t really start the out of controle cycle im looking for.

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