Super-O or Seizure?

I’m kind of scared because I’m not sure what happened for sure since I’m fairly new to all of this. To preface the story, I had a 20mg edible, a couple of shots, and did some popper hits intermittently, so I could have just passed out. It was also later in the night so I was also a bit tired. I was listening to some Shibby files, so only audio, no flashing lights.

Anyway, normally after some warmup, I find that my muscles tend to slowly tense up as the involutary contractions build until it reaches a point I have to voluntarily relax and then start over. However, this time everything was preceding as normal until I find myself abruptly tensed up much more than normal. I can’t remember what happened beforehand, not that’s not uncommon with THC and alcohol.

It scared me quite a bit as I found myself unable to relax albeit just for a few seconds. There was no ejaculation nor really any pleasure to it (the extreme tensing for a few seconds that is.) Any else experience this?


2 comments on “Super-O or Seizure?

  1. Definitely not a seizure as you wouldn’t have been conscious, nor recall any of the events after/during the event. If you are concerned you are having seizures please call your medical provider to be evaluated

  2. Not a seizure at all. This happens to me all the time especially with an edible and poppers. What you experienced my friend was just panicking, next time let go and it’s super on land for sure

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