How long did it take you to isolate your pc and sphincter muscles? What Mindgasm lesson should I repeat?

I am starting to do the mindgasm tutorials to try and get a more reliable session. However I am having trouble with isolating the two muscles. Is there one lesson I should be repeating after I did 1-3 once? When I flex my pc muscle, I feel like it is the same as my sphincter muscle. I’m gonna keep going but I feel like if I am going to be doing the wrong thing over and over.



  1. I know the feeling. It’s like you’re worried about your technique so you feel hesitant bettering your technique since you don’t have confidence in it. You gotta just relax and make any changes subtle ones, and move between different tensions slowly. If you notice something feels different, warm or pleasant then recognise how tense you are, and what muscles you used to get to this feeling…because those are the right ones.

  2. Hey there!
    Totally normal.. the distinction comes with practice, and it takes most 5+ repetitions to really start to feel the difference. And even when you mastered it, the base will usually flex a bit too with the center.

    Best training for that purpose are lessons 2&3
    Take your time, things don’t happen over night. Enjoy the journey!

  3. I can flex my pc muscle with just a bit of sphincter activity. But can you guys flex your sphincter independently from your pc muscle???

  4. Keep doing it! Pretty soon you will feel like you can sign your name with your butt muscles.

  5. Try to imagine your pulling your penis inwards when you flex. Having that kind of visual helps me focus on the PC muscle. But the lessons are really great so far and I’m definitely curious about the other lessons. But would I need to have better success w/ lessons 1-3 before moving on?

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