Will Aneros work if you have Multiple Sclerosis?

So I’m a widower @ 50yrs old, 5’10” 205lbs and fit, but diagnosed about 2yrs ago with Multiple Sclerosis. Over the past 2 years I’ve developed ED issues and now most recently the inability to cum. I can have erection w/ a pill and I also frequently do wake with a morning woody …harder then if I took a pill, just does not last long enough to “use it.” Only thing I’ve not been able to fix my ability to cum.

I have a GF (also widowed) and she is very “frisky.” It was with her I first discovered my ED issues (NEVER in my life have I not been able to get it up. She was the first one for this to happen to!) What is cool is that she is so frisky and understanding that solving my ED and coming issues has become a “team effort!”

During one of my flare ups I temporarily lost ability to urinate. I had to insert a catheter to pee. This is when I noticed a good feeling as the catheter past by my prostate! I figured if I still felt my prostate w/ the catheter, I could use it to stimulate things. This is when I started researching prostate massaging. My GF and I researched internal massaging my prostate, and as kinky/odd/unlike anything I’d do with someone else, I suggested it to her. She was eager to try, in fact more then eager as I found she too had looked into it! …Anyhow, she tried her best. For the most part I really felt nothing. She could not find that “walnut”…and her finger(s) were at least 4” inside me. It was just nice to be experience such an erotic “first time” event with her.

I did more research and found Aneros and learned all about the big “O.” So I purchased the Progasm Jr. Knowing nothing would happen the first few times, we “launched” our Aneros experience together. I took a “boner pill” (just in case it’s help being stiff.) We had candles, quiet music, and a nice quite mood set. She prepared my anus with lube and lubed the Progasm Jr. …and inserted it. The rest of time was spent with me doing PC contractions and sphincter contractions. She’d quietly caressed my back, chest, stomach, etc as I tried different positions… she read all the instruction an knew not to touch my penis…. later she tried touching me there too …but I felt nothing.

Since this first experience:

I have tried 3-4 more times no boner pills, on my side, on my back, on my stomach… each time 1-2 hours sessions. I can feel something inside me if I am on my stomach…but no major feelings.

I do feel a very very slight nice sensation when I have it in me and I am walking… so now I go for walks with it in me hoping to “train” my nerves to the sensation.

I do feel a very slight sensation if I manually rock the Progasm towards and away from my prostate.

I know this will take time…and willing to take this time!!! I NEED TO CUM AGAIN! (or at least orgasm in some way.)


Anyone out there have a form of MS and successful using Aneros? I’m afraid I’m beating a dead horse and it just ain’t going to happen. I mean I have had my Progasm Jr. in for hours and been very relaxed… feel nothing inside me, just feel the outside piece touching as I clench and release.)

Needing to cum again!

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  1. My heart aches for you, bud. My advice would be to keep at it, however, (and this is common advice for ANYone seeking the superO) forget about your dick. Activate arousal through other areas and through relaxation, music and other environmental stimuli. It’s more of a whole body/mental orgasm anyway. Also, the common advice of letting go of expectations and just enjoying the moment and whatever pleasure is available to you at the time.

    Also, check out Neil Slade’s work regarding the amygdala and his exercise of “clicking” it. This is a mental game for you now. Best of luck, friend.

  2. Not what you are asking but i bought a hot octopuss pulse many years ago(i no longer have it) and i remember reading about how the technology it uses was for medical use to help people who have spinal cord injuries. They claim it can make you orgasm while flaccid. I personally can’t confirm that but i remember it making me hard very quickly without having to watch porn, be aroused or fantasizing about something. And the ocilations from this toy feels very different from vibrations, kind of makes me wish i still had that toy. It might be worth looking into.


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