Adaptation of the guide to “extended orgasm” from “Come As You Are”

*Come As You Are* is an excellent primer for women on discovering and expanding their sexuality. Its sections on what it calls “therapeutic masturbation” and “extended orgasm” are just as good advice for men seeking open orgasmic experiences, with a little adaptation.

I’ve made some adjustments for anatomy, and included some toy suggestions where *Come As You Are* focuses entirely on manual stimulation, however the bulk of the text remains unchanged.

[Read on Opening Men](

For those who haven’t read my original guide, [here also is a link to that]( Part of the research that went into that guide is literature like *Come As You Are* for prospective multi/extended-orgasmic women.


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  1. I’ve read “come as you are” a while ago and your adaptation is really well done. The insights from the book are relatively easy to adapt into another perspective, that was probably why i got the book in the first place. Wish more people would be so openminded and grab a women-targeted book, it’s super informative and a good read.

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