Bought my first aneros (Aneros MGX trident)

Hello 🙂

I just received my first Aneros toy ever and I can’t wait to test it out..

I have been training my PC muscles quite bit I think so.
I can prevent myself to ejaculate when I masturbate normally and I can stop easily peeing many times as I want. Still trying to find skills to separate those another muscles down there (anal?). Any tips for that?

This MGX model was on sale, I was going for Helix trident but it was out of stock. Now I checked that Helix is in stock again and I could get it for 40€.. Still do unsure should I send MGX back and get Helix… Any opinions?

Thanks all



  1. I’m new to the aneros world so I can’t give examples for some exercises. But you could go to aneros wiki. There is everything beginners like us will need.

    I received my Helix Syn Trident yesterday. For me it’s very suitable and I had moments of pleasure. IN MY FIRST SESSION. I’m really excited for the next one
    So the Helix Syn trident works for me. You should get this toy too because you wnated it in the first place and just bought the MGX because the Helix was outbof stock

  2. Your MGX will gives you wonderful orgasms after some training. You can buy the Helix later. It’s a good thing to have different toys and once your prostate will be rewired, any prostate stimulator will work fine.

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