How often should I try?

I recently experienced my first prostate orgasm with the Aneros Helix Syn Trident!

I’ve owned it for a while and practiced a lot after getting it, but I was never able to get beyond a few pulses of pleasure from the internal spasms. There’s probably a better way of explaining it, I’m just not familiar with the terminology.

Anyway, a few days ago I was in the right headspace, I was comfortable, had plenty of time, and eventually got beyond the light spasms (p-waves?)

It felt like my prostate was jumping forward, then violently back, then forward again.

Amazing. Never felt that before ever.

But it didn’t last long. Maybe 4-5 cycles, and done.

Tried each night since then without success. Just some pleasurable p-waves that lasted a few seconds and gone.

How long should I wait between sessions? Any advice on how to make it last longer?



  1. I am no expert, because I only experienced p-waves myself. But I would say wait until you’re thirsty for the toy. If you try too often, it will be a routine and no special occasion you are looking forward to. This means you are less horny and less likely to experience pleasure.

  2. I improved my results by trying a few days in a row, more than 4 was way too much, but the second and third days were nice because it seemed like I jumped ahead in the arousal stage to where it might have taken an hour to get to starting from scratch, if that makes sense.

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