1. I can’t tell. It was a long climb for me, and I used it on and off again for long stretches of time. I think it may have opened some doors that became much easier to walk through. And I think I may have been feeling more pleasure when smoking.

    I do know that I discovered it because of smoking. I was laying in bed unable to have sex because we were sleeping around a bunch of friends at the end of a party. Everyone was asleep. I was super horny, and I started paying attention to the muscles that I thought were flexing when I was close to cumming, and I kinda rode that feeling for a while and then was kind of satisfied enough to go to sleep.

    I immediately looked into it and found the Aneros. It was the only thing that existed at the time. I made lots of progress with it being enjoyable, but not having waves or orgasms. But when I did cum with it inside me, things were totally knocked up a notch. And that initial exploratory happened without smoking.

    I didn’t intentionally start doing it until much later, and again, there wasn’t any information about it on the web at that time. Since then, like I’d mentioned I was on and off and didn’t pay it much heed. So I am really torn on this.

  2. The increased sensitivity from small amounts of weed helped me identify what feelings/sensations to look for and focus on.

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