Drugs are not mandatory

I am reading a lot about people not wanting to use drugs, or that cannot / are not allowed to use drugs.

It can be very frustrating to read about other people’s success while using drugs, when you cannot get them, don’t want to use them or whatever. I myself use drugs, so who am I to make this post, but here are things to note:

Do you need drugs to achieve prostate orgasms? No

Then why use them? It helps

Is it the only solution to achieve a definite super-o? No

I have once luckily achieved an orgasm while using drugs, but never since and I am still using drugs. The problem with me is that I did not want to listen too much on what experienced users say, and thought to myself: “My precious LSD will lead the way”.

It’s been 3/4 of a year since my orgasm and I am just now really starting to understand how to definitely achieve an orgasm. I cannot say what leads to an orgasm (just yet), but I can say that it takes way more than drugs to be successful with the toy. It is more important to be open minded, patient and dedicated.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/kyabvp/drugs_are_not_mandatory/


  1. My accomplishments so far: training PC muscles, understanding how to relax them and realizing how important meditation is to the sessions

  2. I managed to super-O without drugs too. It is manageable but it takes time.

    I’ve been exploring my journey for the past 7 years and only on my 3rd year that I started to feel something; and from that moment onwards the growth is exponential. Once everything clicks, I started to explore new sensations, new level of pleasures. Had I gave up on my “quest” for this mythical orgasm, I’d still stuck on my normal penile orgasm.

  3. 15+ years of prostate orgasms, dry orgasms and Super-O orgasms. Not once with drugs. They are not needed. Having said that I would like to try weed as part of the experience to see what its like.

  4. I have had 3 or 4 super Os and probably more than 20 HFWOs in the past 8 months without drugs. I didn’t do any prostate play for over 2 years prior to starting up 8 months ago. When I tried 2 years ago I could HFWO with a g-spot vibe occasionally. I also had a Helix Syn. This time around I’ve had a much better experience with my Helix (non-syn) and a few different plug massagers. I do drink sometimes when I play, but not to drunkenness.

  5. I can get there without weed, but my sessions are definitely shorter and a lot less intense if I’m sober. For whatever reason weed just really helps me zone out and focus on just the pleasure I’m feeling in my prostate. It really enhances my sessions and since the pandemic has limited them to maybe once a week, I almost always get high before play time. For me weed is like a cheat code that gets me to a Super-O every time. Because I’m having fewer sessions these days, I use it to ensure I’m not wasting my very valuable, very limited time.

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