[META] Why I am considering unsubscribing from r/aneros

I’ve been a lurker and frequent reader of this sub. I love to read techniques and advice on how to use aneros. I enjoyed the stories of struggles, success and beyond. It’s a small sub and very informative and helpful.

Lately there have been posts of just guys showing their toys sticking out of their anus. Now I am a gay guy so seeing that doesn’t disgust me. But that isn’t what I felt this sub was about. I used to be able to open my Reddit feed in public but now I fear some guys ass will be front and center while I scroll. It was a few posts at first but now it seems to be increasing. **Edit: Also I realize some of it may be bots buy I don’t think most of the post were from bots.**

There are so many other subs to show off your toy inserted, why not use them. This place, while of a sexual nature, was never flat out porn. I am disappointed and I made this post in hopes that I am not alone in feeling this way. If I am alone or in the minority, then I apologize for wasting everyone’s time and not being up to speed on the direction the sub is going.

Otherwise, I hope that mods and users can come together and steer the sub back into a more informative community than visual pornography.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/l3w6ej/meta_why_i_am_considering_unsubscribing_from/


  1. you’re not alone, that’s really not the kind of posts I joined for.

    I even came to the subreddit to check if there was no rules against it, but I didn’t find any to my surprise, so apparently it’s allowed, but yeah, I feel like I’ll leave if this continues

  2. There’s just no consideration for those who do not wish to see male’s bodies

  3. I could not agree more. If there was a link to an external video that was meant to prompt a discussion or a link to a picture as reference (again) for part of a larger discussion on technique or a line of questioning, that’s one thing. Most of us come here to ask questions, share stories about their journey, provide others advice, and to find tips and tricks. I don’t think posting gonewild-esque photos is in the spirit of this sub at all!

  4. Agreed, now we are challenged to be the change we want. I know it’s cliché. This discussion is a good start.

    If you see a picture from another user in the feed, those of us more interested in discussion should post a question or quick story. Soon the forum would be filled with chat rather than pics and those posting pics might understand another arse pic isn’t contributing much; we’ve all got an ass of our own and know what an Aneros looks like. Like someone else said, a unique pic or video can start or deepen a conversation so, an outright photo ban might not be helpful, ultimately.

    There’ll still be some who catch on but it will be easier to turn a blind eye if there’s lots of discussion. BTW, I need to take my own advice and post more. ;P

  5. Yep, I find tips, techniques, and advice a lot more valuable than just pictures with nothing else.

  6. This Reddit is clearly labeled NSFW, are you suggesting a change in that designation as well?

  7. Agree. Pics should probably be in a separate subreddit. For those getting annoyed by the pictures you may turn to r/prostateplay instead which has an explicit rule prohibiting “fap material”

  8. I totaly agree. NSFW does not mean I want to be served a hairy asshole with a toy sticking out while I enjoy my morning coffee.
    Please get a rule that prohibits posts with pictures.
    Just make a post that links to a picture if you absolutely want to share then…

  9. Hey /u/FakeAmazonReviews, I just made a new poll addressing your concerns. Please check it out and vote!

  10. What pisses me off is that posting in this sub mark’s your entire user profile as being NSFW. Really feels like a double standard when /r/sex doesnt do that.

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