Advice about using Aneros Helix while sitting at desk

I bought my Aneros Helix a couple of weeks ago and boy am I happy with it.

I have not had too many chances to play – just 4 sessions so far. The last one was around 40 mins and I had a couple of satisfying mini orgasms. Then at the end of the session, while massaging my scrotum gently, but trying to hold-of from touching my cock, I had a multiple orgasms, with precum and then cum pouring out of my semi hard cock. I must say that it did make me both shudder and moan.

It does feel like you get into a highly erotic meditational state with prostate massage toy.

As I sit for long periods at my desk at home every day, I wonder if anyone has used the Aneros while seated like this.

I would not be able to get naked but could loosen things. I have a pad with a gap in the middle, that would lower the pressure from the tabs. I could also lean back in the seat.



  1. Maybe you can use a round buoy? This accessory is often used by people who have had hemorrhoid surgery for example.

  2. I use my aneros syn while sitting at my work desk all the time, but I rarely feel the same stimulation compared to when I am laying on my back with my legs bent and spread.

    The best feelings come when you can use your pelvic floor muscles to squeeze the plug. If all your weight is on your butt, some muscles just wont have the range of movement you really need. Nothing wrong with using it sitting at your desk as long as it feels good!

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