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Not sure how to ask what I want to ask, so I thought I’d share my experience and see if anyone had any thoughts/advice.

I bought Helix Syn Trident and Progasm together about 4 months ago. Did some reading and started playing and experimenting on my own. I’m used to ass play, so I don’t think I have any fears or inhibitions in that respect. Didn’t really start making any progress towards a prostate orgasm for a few months (found it difficult not to approach sessions like ass play or edging my cock, i.e. I kept ‘trying’ too hard, trying to pound my prostate fast and hard which I thought would get me there, which it didn’t). I’d play with these maybe every couple of weeks.

About a month ago I started to make some progress. I started using coconut oil, lay on my back with a pillow under each buttcheek (space in the centre) so the aneros wasn’t being pushed or affected outside of the control of my own muscles. Legs kinda spread, soles of my feet together. Made sure my flat was hot, no underwear or duvet touching my cock. I only did seassions when I naturally was horny, watched some light porn at first without contracting then moved to dirtier, louder porn and contracted slowly. I found I got involuntary muscle twitches and the start of ‘waves’ when I felt the aneros pressing into the sweet spot and I just held it there as long as possible rather than contract and release.

What’s difficult is not overthinking anything. I still am struggling with the pressure of wanting to achieve something that I get thoughts like ‘oh that feels nice, but should I try and relax my naturally tensing muscles now or should squeeze more? Should I focus on the porn or close my eyes now that I’m feeling something? Should my head be propped up or should I be laying flat? Should my hands be behind my head or by my side?’ etc. Which I’m sure is killing any organic drift toward orgasm. The best sessions I’ve had involve using the Helix at the start for as long as I feel I’m enjoying it, progressing with it and getting as horny as possible, then once that stops I switch to Progasm to take it to the next level. At this point it’s the most intense for me. I love the hardness, love the bigger size, fuller feeling, love putting something colder into my ass mid-play, love the hard tab pushing into my taint, absolutely love how it feels like my ass is automatically driving the tip into my p spot.

The other day I was following this usual routine, as always in search of finding new levels, and when I became tense as usual toward pleasure I started forcing myself to breathe deeply while trying to maintain the sensation/rhythm, closed my eyes and tried to ride the waves and then before I knew it I was breathing really hard, involuntarily moaning/yelling and my body felt like it was vibrating/numb almost. It lasted a few minutes and I was able to move/buck my hips, grip my bed etc without interrupting it. The mental aspect of it was wild, toward the end of this happening I remember running my hands over my body, rubbing my cock which was soft during most of this, getting it hard and squirting. It was amazing – I wonder though, did I achieve a prostate orgasm here? I felt really odd afterwards, like the numbness took a while to dissipate, and the muscles in my face were kind of twitchy for a while. I’m not sure exactly if this was a prostate orgasm or not but I’d love some feedback from someone who has experience.

If this wasn’t a prostate orgasm, what might it have been? Can tensing a lot, willing yourself toward orgasm to hard during play be physically unhealthy in any way? (Could just be that it was the first time for me, but it was a little worrying.) This session was really nice but I am curious to get an outside perspective on what happened. Thanks for reading, feel free to message me publicly or privately. 👍

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  1. > …rubbing my cock which was soft during most of this, getting it hard and squirting. It was amazing – I wonder though, did I achieve a prostate orgasm here?

    It certainly sounds like you were experiencing p-waves, but then you stimulated your penis and had an ejaculatory orgasm…which undoubtedly steamrolled over whatever you may have been feeling or building up to.

    My advice during anal play is to ignore your penis. It can feel amazing to stroke and cum with something in your ass. The feeling of fullness and direct pressure against your prostate as the ejaculation and contractions happen will definitely ramp a normal orgasm up to 11. But once you’ve cum, that’s pretty much it.

    Instead, don’t touch your cock at all. Don’t worry about cumming/ejaculating. Just ride the p-waves for as long as you care to, in whatever way feels best. You will find these peaks and valleys get higher over time and even over multiple sessions. They can surpass the intense pleasure you experience from even the most powerful ejaculation and it will last basically as long as you want it to.

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