The mental component is just as important as the physical

I’ve been giving this a good bit of thought lately, and just this morning, in the middle of a wonderful multi orgasmic session I was interrupted. Even though I was still lying in bed with my Aneros toy inserted, the interruption broke my concentration and focus, and I immediately stopped orgasming. No sooner did the distraction end, I was able to get back in the proper head space immediately and start orgasming again. The presence of the toy was immaterial to my response while I wasn’t focused on the pleasure. Has anyone else experienced this?



  1. Absolutely true what you have stated, however that even can affect me the same way for sex…. if the mental component isn’t there for sex (at least for me) then I tend to go soft.

  2. Yeah me too. Sometimes I drift in and out of horny, or I’ll get a text or whatever that interrupts my focus. Then the toy is just there doing nothing, but I can find it hard to get back into the rhythm again so I need to try and make sure no interruptions.

  3. I used to end sessions with a traditional penile orgasm, but with time, the more I have incredible multi orgasmic sessions I don’t even have the desire to jerk off, indeed, cumming like that drains the amazing energy that I build up after a long session of prostate orgasms, and is actually a downer.

  4. Vibrating toys ( and E-stim)aren’t everyone’s cup if tea ( although I happen to enjoy them myself). Everyone has to experiment and find out what works for themselves, which makes the individual experience richer, in my opinion.

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