Unpredictable Sessions

Im a 71 year-old about 2 years on the journey. I posted here a couple of weeks past about an amazing session I had just had; one of near continuous super-Os. Since then I’ve had some enjoyable sessions, with some OK prostate Os but no super-Os. And the best of those intervening sessions were when riding a dildo, not from Aneros toys. Yesterday I had some time for a quick session spur-of-the-moment, and was not expecting much from the session considering the rushed set/setting. I didn’t feel especially horny, but I love a session as much for the relaxation and meditation as from the orgasms, so I went ahead.

And this brings me to the crux of this post; the unpredictable nature of prostate play, at least for me. I can experience several sessions in a row with mind-blowing strings of super-Os, and then plateau for several sessions where not much happens at all. Then, out of the blue, the next session leaves me a quivering mess after an hour of near-continuous orgasms. That was the case yesterday from the moment I inserted the Eupho Trident. I was a little buzzed from a few puffs from a THC vape, and had a fresh bottle of poppers close to hand. I had just read a great long post from another Aneros user stressing relaxation over contractions and focus on being the observer, not the manipulator. I wanted to try some of his techniques and so was doing the Do Nothing approach and trying to resist any clenching contractions. I said out loud that I was committed to being the observer in the session.

After a couple mini-Os I did my first hit of poppers, and from that point on, for the next 30 minutes by my iPhone timer, I was in a constant state of orgasm, with peak following peak following peak, with no breaks in between. Each time my core clenched I would immediately try to relax into the feelings, repeating to myself the mantra “I am the observer”, surrender control to my body, and bring all my focus of how things felt. Each time I was able to relax into the orgasm I was rewarded with another wave of ever-building pleasure. Simply amazing!

Dependable orgasms and super-Os on-demand every session would be wonderful. But it’s also interesting to see the mystery of the prostates response (or lack of) from session to session. As others have said about plateauing with dud sessions, I know I CAN experience the ultimate [pleasure, and am all the more grateful for it when the body and mind come together to provide. Check out the post below by CrimsomWolf on the Aneros forum for techniques I explored in this session. It’s a long thread with three parts, so read to the end:


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/l8x8vr/unpredictable_sessions/


  1. I find the longer I continue on my journey (it’s been several years now) the more consistently I have good sessions, so have faith!

  2. The concept of being an observer kinda dovetails with a thought process I use.I like to think of the Aneros as having a mind of its own and saying to me “just relax and enjoy I know what to do”.I think about all the technology that went into designing these things and how it is doing what it was made for.I also consider that there are other guys doing the same thing I am.’My dear wife was blessed with a DD + bust and she recently had an exam by a very young DR. who was pretty flat.I visualize her lifting and squeezing the girls and wonder what she was [thinking.](https://thinking.My)This is probably weird but it turns me on when I am in a session.

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