Went back to the progasm tonight

Been using aneros products off and on for 10 years, don’t think I’ve ever had a true super-O, but I have definitely had some crazy intense sessions leaving my legs and body sore the next day.

I used to use the Progasm years ago but recently have been using the helix trident syn, which has been great, but I wanted to go back to the big girthy progasm to see if I can have better sessions now that I have worked on my exercises and control.

So I bought a progasm today and cleaned myself up, and put the big boy in and WOW is it so much fuller than the helix trident. When this is in, you know it’s in. Im currently in bed reading some femdom pegging stories and it’s definitely a different feeling. The p-tab on the progasm is definitely more effective and I feel it a lot more. Im gonna do my usual thing and let the toy take over but I will be back for my post-session report.

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