So it arrived and was an anti climax need advice.

Helix trident syn arrived today, I was surprised at how small it was. I tried it and not much really happened, I’m used to bigger things. Is that the issue? I tried the clenching thing but got hardly any sensation. Do I just need a bigger model or am I just not doing it right?



  1. I agree with the other comment that this is like opening a French textbook and studying a couple hours and expecting to be fluent. That being said there are tips. Experiment with holding pc muscle, muscle to stop peeing. It isn’t a flex as hard as you can thing. Try different strengths to see if you feel anything. Mindgasm has some good tutorials for using the different muscles. Mentally is 90 percent of the job. It is important to breathe and be aroused.

  2. Although it might seem counterproductive, relaxation is the path, clenching leads to failure.

  3. Been at it for over 2 years now with good success. I can tell you size isn’t everything. But movement is. My Eupho, MGX, & Helix really are my favorites. The bigger toys don’t do as much and cause of their size inhibit movement a bit. Please don’t let the small size fool you. Give it time. You won’t be disappointed. 👍

  4. Agree with everyone’s comments. I, like you, also expected quicker results. It builds slowly over time with patience, breathing, and relaxation. I achieved orgasms in month 5.

  5. I know what you mean about being used to bigger things but trust me the Helix is all you need! I’m new to this too but from my little experience I can recommend you read up on the Aneros website Wiki, and also the do nothing method is a great way to start feeling new feelings. Just pop it in and relax for 30/60 minutes. If you focus on relaxing rather than the toy, you might feel something new. Good luck!

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