What’s this gross “growth” on my aneros ?

Hello everyone. If you remember a post about this before – it’s because I did post about it and now it happened again and I have better pictures to explain. Since the growth I initially saw, I boiled the toy and wiped it with isopropyl alcohol 70% using round cotton pads. I also washed the container that you can see it’s in with soap and water and sanitized with the same method. I haven’t used it.

~ A month later, I take out the toy to play with and I see new growth on it. Wtf? This doesn’t happen to my other toys. This time it looks kind of spiky. I took several pictures which you can see in the link below.


I’m surprised that just like last time, this “growth” or bacteria/mold/fungus/ whatever is concentrated on the handle. Why ? It’s not like the handle enters my body.

Can anyone explain what exactly this is, why it keeps happening to this specific toy, and what to do about it ? I’m grossed out and I want to eliminate this problem from happening again so I can feel safe using the toy.

Has anyone had this problem as well ?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/lageg1/whats_this_gross_growth_on_my_aneros/


  1. I gotta say the most obvious thing just in case, but are you using silicone lubrication?

  2. Is this model not made of plastic?

    If so then the lubrication shouldn’t really matter, should it?

  3. It looks like you put it away without drying it completely. I’ve gotten similar growth on toys that I didn’t dry completely before storing them.

  4. I assume you didn’t fully wash the soap off before drying. Try a sex toy specific cleaning product if you didn’t. I had a similar experience when using a bar of soap.

  5. If you are using an oil based lube, then please read. Otherwise, ignore.

    Silicone surfaces tend to hold on to very very small amount of oil lubes, such as coconut oil or Boy Butter, etc. This is not oil soaking into the toy and coming back out, this is surface tension and oxidation of the oils making them visible on the surface of the toy.

    Even if you wash it well, a few days after use the white hazy stuff can appear if there was any residual oil. This is not abnormal, I have had it happen with a few different silicone toys. Usually the softer the silicone surface, the more likely that you might get some of that residual oil.

    Give it a good boil or let it soak in hot soapy water for about 20 minutes (use dish soap, not hand soap). The alcohol is good for sanitizing but will not clean the oils as effectively as dish soap. Go from there and see how it goes.

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