Is the Progasm worth the try? Can you get to the Super-O with it? Currently on Helix Trident Classic…

Hey I’m new to all this, I’ve probably had about 6 sessions with my Helix Trident. I love it. I just go through the motions and have definitely had some intense feelings but no super-o. Just slowly working on it. The problem with my Helix is it feel like I’m so close but it feels like it’s about half an inch too far from my prostate to get over the edge. I love the feeling of fullness and I’m not scared of the size of the Progasm, however I’ve read negative reviews about it not being able to move as much and therefor not feeling as good.

So in short – if I’m not afraid of size, and love the feeling of being full, could the Progasm actually help reach the Super-O?



  1. I’ve not gotten there with the program myself, after years of trying. Even still, great sensations and I’ve never regretted spending the money.

  2. I’ve got the Jr. and don’t think I would need/want to go any larger… plus I feel like the fullness is nice but feels more like a supplement to a routine rather than something that can take you all the way. If your experience is anything like mine you may like the Eupho more. Something about it just hits the right spot.

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