1. Either will work although a luer lock tip might feel sharp. However, “lube shooters” are a thing on Amazon.

  2. 1) I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. You can also use a baby medicine dropper available at most pharmacy. Baby medicine droppers work just like a lube shooter without having to go to an adult store or order off the interwebs

    2) not familiar with different style tips

    You can also pre-lube by just putting a small glob of lube on your finger and fingering your anus. Kind of use your finger tip to “push” the lube in as best as you can. Do this 3-4 times before lubing and introducing the toy.

    I’ve also had success applying a *thin* layer of Vaseline to the toy prior to doing the above technique. That will make things very slippery. I think it really makes a difference on the Syn toys. The white plastic models don’t seem to need it as much and I can get by with the “finger pre-lube” technique just fine.

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