I can’t get back to PGasm Land! HELP!!!!!

The last couple of times i’ve had a session i just can’t seem to get things started.

I’m about only 2 weeks into my success with PGasms but i initially had several really great sessions and thought i had it down until my prostate felt a bit tender and i gave it a couple of days break.

Now it’s like i don’t know how to get it back!

Has anyone else had this happen and gone through this fear and dread?

Now, admittedly, i have jacked off normally this past week and, as i have commented on previous posts, my refractory period is awful, so maybe i am not horny enough?

I need some reassurance and advice!

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  1. This is normal. personally, I have gone weeks without being in the mood, only to have it return in full force. It will return!

  2. Just take a break, to let your body recharge, and resist jerking off for a few days, and your prostate orgasms will start roaring back.

  3. Thanks for posting this! Same boat here. Think I’ve worn it out – was so surprised and joyful to get pgasms I thought I’d loose the knack if I didn’t daily at least do one short session… so lack of recovery time. Ok taking a few days off and will see what happens.

  4. Lol I love your username. Like several people already said here, taking a break will help. I’ve learned that 90% of prostate play is being in the right mood/horny enough for it. You can’t force it. Also there’s nothing wrong with starting a session with your dick, then moving to your ass when you’re turned on enough!

    If you’re open to it, poppers can help both get you in the mood and push you over the edge into a pgasm.

  5. Yeah the horniness thing is weird, after a 10+ years of playing with my prostate I still haven’t totally figured it out lol. For me its like there’s different types. I’m versatile, so the best way I can describe it is sometimes I’m “top horny”, where the ultimate goal is getting off (with or without prostate stimulation), versus when I’m “bottom horny” where its not really about getting off, but more about the pleasure of getting fucked, where an orgasm isn’t necessarily the goal. Being “bottom horny” puts me on the road to p-gasms, whereas it can be hard if I’m top horny. Hopefully that makes sense haha

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