Progress, and question regarding frequency of practice and sex in general

I’ve been an Aneros user on and off for a while now. Recently got back into practicing with my helix syn. I have a Progasm ice which imo feels better but isn’t nearly as manoeuvrable.

So each day this week I’ve been slipping in the helix and relaxing for around an hour at a time (sometimes longer) to see if I can make some progress toward p waves etc. I’ve avoided masturbating all week while I do this in an effort to build up my prostate as other allude to.

I seem to get the involuntaries by flexing/contracting my PC muscles (kegels?) to around 50-70%. Any less and there’s no effect, any more and the effect subsides and it’s hard to maintain. First question is, do I basically just need to stick at it by holding that position? I sometimes feel like I get flecks of pleasure, although I often wonder whether I am convincing myself of this as some kind of placebo. What can I do to step on from this? It feels ok but after a while my kegels get tired or I lose interest. I know that ‘chasing’ things is counter intuitive!

Secondly, back to frequency of masturbation / sex etc. I have a gf, she knows I practice with the aneros, she’s very accepting of all that luckily. We normally have sex at least once sometimes twice a week on average, I’d typically masturbate another two or three times in between. Does ejaculating, or indeed penile stimulation set back progress? Does it become more difficult to acquire P waves the next day or even two days after ejaculation?

I ask because the recommendation from a lot of posters seem to be to have a go with aneros after a week of no masturbation/orgasm etc. I don’t want to cut out sex with my gf obviously so don’t know if I’m forever going to be stuck not getting anywhere!

How to move on from involuntaries?
How does frequency of orgasm/ejaculation/penile stimulation affect the likelihood of progressing with p waves etc.

Thanks in advance for anyone who reads and/or responds to this.



  1. > How to move on from involuntaries?

    I was also stuck here for a while. Just keep going and enjoy what you feel. I don’t think there was anything specific I did to move past it, it just happened (sorry not helpful, I know). Don’t lose patience though. You may also consider trying out a different toy. The aneros toys rely on movement and dexterity rather than girth so I don’t think the progam is all that great really. I have the Jr version and even that feels nice but never gets me far. Though… when I tried the Eupho (started with the Helix) it was like night and day. It just hits me in the right spot. When I first put it in I couldn’t even get up to move to the bed cause it felt too good.

    > How does frequency of orgasm/ejaculation/penile stimulation affect the likelihood of progressing with p waves etc

    Instead of something like “you need to recharge and retain semen so things work better biologically.. blah blah blah” I like to think of this advice more like… “the hornier you are, the better”. It’s not like if you do it daily and then stop for 2 months then you’ll gain 20 days worth of build up and it all comes out at once. It’s more about taking time to let yourself recover and reset your mental state until you’re horny again. I’ve had OUTSTANDING sessions the day after having a session, and I’ve had the same after waiting a few days. I would suggest just waiting until you’re super horny and just “want it” instead of setting some arbitrary amount of days to wait (or conversely, just doing it cause you’re bored or something). Just try and stop for a bit if you get sore, haha.

  2. In my experience, abstaining isn’t that important. It’s more about being in the right mindset and really being turned on, vs building sexual tension, vs expecting that going without for X days will mean I experience more prostate pleasure. The obvious effect from abstaining is that there is some built up sexual thoughts because you’re so used to the release. But even taking some days off won’t necessarily mean a successful session (if you’re not really into it when you start).

    I’ve jacked off in the morning, and had a good aneros session in the afternoon. I’ve also gone a week without and had a dud session. And all points in between. By now, I know going into it whether “the stars have aligned” and I’m about to have my world rocked, or if I’m not not “into it” at the time. Too many variables to put more than 20% of your focus into.

  3. No nut is a better way to live, IMO. Aneros practice and saving my nut for partners has made me a much better sex partner. I usually keep it in while I do the deed too. Focusing on those feelings in my back door too help me last better in front. As long as I want and the wet orgasms are way more intense.

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