Boiling water to sterilize Aneros?

TL/DR: Can I sterilize classic white material Aneros with boiling water? For how long would I need to cook it to get it sterile but without it bending?

Today I’ve received a “new” Aneros from Amazon which was packaged extremely untypically and to make it very short it very obviously had been opened before and actually carelessly repackaged before being sent to me.
Curiosity got the better of me so I actually took a hesitant sniff from “far” away since it at least looked clean (without taking it out of the box). And all I could smell was the typical box smell.

Either way, that delivery was unacceptable and I contacted Amazon about it. The guy on the phone had a heavy accent and besides apparently not comfortable with products of that type I’m not sure if he understood the issue in the first place.
He put me on hold for a few minutes and when getting back to me he offered a partial refund – which I declined, of course.
He offered two more options: Return it to get it replaced or get a refund and keep it (to possibly buy a new one).
Since the easiest way for me was the last option I chose that.

I already ordered a new one (hoping to not get a used one once again) but that will take a week to arrive (although it was the second last in stock – no idea why shipping would take so long).
But I’m… not that patient and would like to give it a try. So I’m wondering if it’s ok to boil it in water to sterilize it and if so, how long is safe for it until it starts to get out of shape? (Having bleach at home is not common over here in the EU so using that instead isn’t an option.)



  1. I would just put in bleach it quite a solid plastic. The rinse well after. Ten min should do the job. Or chlorine tablets.

  2. Well if I were you I’d toss it out and wait for the replacement. As amazing as these toys are they just aren’t worth any bodily harm, especially STDs. If it’s just a week maybe sit back with the stuff to tide you over.

    That said, another approach you might take is to leave it in 70% rubbing alcohol (or keep it ‘wet’) for a few hours and let air dry, then wash with warm water and soap.

  3. If they’re going to send a new one, I wouldn’t take the chance and just throw it in the bin. Boiling water might warp the plastic. I also wouldn’t trust using a household cleaner of any strength. Who knows what kind of residue it could leave and you don’t want anything poisonous in you, especially where something can absorb into your body.

  4. You could put a condom over it for the time being. You will need a water based lube though.

  5. Which type???

    Anyway I did the boiling water with Helix Syn without problem. No warping as a lot of ppl were mentioning. It’s silicone (google max temp). I was worried about that plastic hook so I dropped spoon into the pot and let the plastic hook rest on it)

    Did the same with Progasm which is ABS and it should not handle 100C (internet guy wrote that you can mold it little bit after) so I just changed the power to ´not boil all the time’.

    Also bleech is common in EU. Tried that too after cooking.. still stinks:oD after both methods (10 min each)

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