Just had my first P-Waves tonight, was this normal?

It might have been because I was trying a new position, might have been because I was listening to some erotic audio, might have been I just got lucky and it happened tonight, but I’m pretty sure I had my first P-Wave tonight. To me it felt like a shiver/shudder, felt really similar to when you’re cold and have a shiver only it was pleasurable and very brief. The strange part of it though, it wasn’t when I was focusing on the audio or the minor pleasure I was feeling, but when my mind started to drift and think about other random stuff that a wave would come out of nowhere. Is this normal exactly? Since it’s my first time I have no clue how I should really go forward to try and get the same or better results.

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  1. Sometimes it is difficult to know why a session worked well or not. Especially at the beginning of the path.

    Personal experience is the important point. Learning is the means to success. As with a musical instrument, time spent practicing is the key to success. One can learn to play the guitar alone or with a method, but the time spent playing is the determining factor in becoming a virtuoso.

    Keep reading everything you can find on the subject, but don’t get discouraged. Only your personal experience will help you discover little by little why a session was wonderful or failed.

  2. sounds like you had a success bud! Where did you feel the PWave? was it kinda in the vicinity of your prostate? For your practice sessions are you practicing your PC and Anal Kegels (i.e. clenching your asshole and stopping yourself peeing kegels). I tend to get some PWaves started from working the PC muscle with Kegels.

    State of mind, level of arousal and faith that you will succeed were all important factors for me. BUT, i did also make a big leap in progress when i changed position a short while ago.

    This is a journey bud and you may well end up finding that your final recipe for success looks distinctly different to mind or anyone else and is uniquely yours. Just enjoy the journey. If what you are doing gives you good things do more of that, if something isn’t working then try something new.

    If you are stuck we are all here for you to lean on and advise šŸ˜‰

    Any of us here will do whatever we can to help another brother unlock this incredible gift and experience it for themselves.

    just so i am being transparent, i am still fairly new to this myself (6 months in) and only achieved PGasms a couple of weeks back but have faith! IT IS ALL REAL! WE AREN’T BULLSH*TTING!!!!

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