Just bought a Helix trident and have no idea what i’m doing. Any tips to put me on the right track?

So I just bought the helix trident and tried it out this evening. I Got some nice water based lube and got cleaned up and smoked some potent weed and then did some experimenting. i’ve messed with putting stuff in my butt but this is the first prostate massager i’ve ever used so I didn’t know what I was doing but I did my best to find it.

I flipped on my side and inserted it and then sat on my back and tried doing some contractions but wasn’t really getting anywhere. I then sat up a little bit with my tailbone on the floor and used my arms to prop myself halfway up to push the toy a little further in and then I started contracting again and it started feeling really good but then I got tired. I tried using the mindgasm site for timing on flexing my muscles but it only lasted 5 minutes and my goal is to achieve some waves eventually so I assume that may take a lot longer.
Thanks for the words of encouragement!

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  1. It takes some time and apprenticeship. Go to the Aneros website and read the wiki and the forum. All you need to know is there.

  2. Hey bud, welcome to the journey of your life!

    As u/Morexp57 said, it takes time. You have to learn a whole new way of masturbating that we are never educated on as boys. We all know what to do with our dicks but masturbating for a prostate orgasm is totally different. You have to spend some (very pleasant) quality time getting to know your prostate, what sensations it can give you, all the subtle differences.

    We talk about “rewiring” when we talk about PGasms. it’s a real thing and refers to the process of moving away from our dick centered idea of orgasm to something different. this rewiring is what takes time. for some it’s months, for some it’s years. for ALL of us IT IS WORTH IT!!!! Seriously, when you get to the promised land you will NOT regret the time you have invested.

    u/Spikester71 also gave some great advice. read up on that wiki. it covers most of the questions that should typically cross your mind.

    You have this reddit to reach out and get advice and help on your own journey to help you validate if you are indeed on the right path or have felt something that is indeed a milestone on the way.

    From what you have said, when you went up on your elbows, it certainly sounded like the Helix gave you some PWaves.

    As i said at the start, it’s a journey bud!

    I hope that helps

  3. Been using aneros for years. Started my sessions recently with the 3-part Mindgasm YouTube videos. Great for basics. Get you in the right mindset to being. Good focus on what you should be feeling in what muscle. Try it out. Been good for me.

  4. Exercise your PC daily for at least 2 weeks (nothing inserted or anything.)

    Get your prostate nice and swollen before starting with an aneros. Go ahead and jerk normally provided you have the mental strength to edge and not come.

    Try buying a VR headset that holds phones and put the mindgasm videos in a SBS format and watching them in the headset (or any porn video of choice.)

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