After 4 long years, finally achieved prostate orgasms!

Started off some 4 years ago (with a Helix), and saw little or no progress in the first year or so after which I bought an Eupho. The Eupho helped with involuntaries a lot, after which I could at least feel pleasurable sensations during sessions, but plateaued with that fairly quickly so about a year after buying the Eupho I picked up the MGX Trident which had only just released.

With the MGX I saw pretty rapid improvement in my sessions from 2019 to now, and had some ‘almost there’ moments, and possibly some mini-o’s though I’m entirely sure but I never really felt like I could get past that invisible barrier till last week.

My first experience a month ago with edibles was not bad, but I think the high might have been a little distracting so last week I tried using the same infused coconut oil as lube and I noticed that it made my prostate quite sensitive to any involuntaries. I had however used only 1/4th of the amount I would ordinarily consume orally, so last night I decided to double it.

I did my usual routine; quick anal douche, bathe, lube up, insert the MGX and lay on my back with knees bent. For the first 20 minutes or so I did nothing, just enjoying the mild involuntaries and for the most part nothing felt really different. But then I started playing with my nipples, and much like what usually happens, the involuntaries gradually increased in intensity and frequency, but this time I think the infused coconut oil just helped relax all my muscles in addition to making my prostate way more sensitive, which for the first time allowed me to experience that “need to pee” or “about to cum” feeling for more than just a few seconds in a session. With that feeling I knew I was on the right track and I consciously allowed myself to fall into it further and relax even more. By that point, the involuntaries were near orgasmic, and as I got into the rhythm and fully surrendered to whatever was happening, it started to hit me; wave upon wave of dry orgasm, which I can only describe as something fucking the cum out of me, without any ejaculation.

I kept cumming that way for at least a couple of minutes, and at many points it almost felt like I could cry from the pleasure. I got a little tired of the nipple play so I allowed myself to come down, but switched position over to my side and started teasing my nipples again. Had a second minutes-long dry-O, probably a little more intense than the first and after that had another smaller, less intense one before calling it a night.

When I woke up in the morning I was tempted to see if I would still have any luck despite the high probably having worn off and to my surprise I was able to have another two dry-Os. For the longest time I wondered if I would ever achieve a prostate orgasm despite having some good fun without, and I have to say that after last night I really feel like I’ve opened a new chapter to my (sex) life.



  1. I’m really curious about this lube now? I have not successfully gotten high yet through anal intake of thc.

  2. You described it really well, couldn’t have said it better myself for those feelings. I find it really hard to describe, so thanks for your words!

  3. Hey bud, that’s awesome and your experience sounds almost identical to mine. i repeated my initial success for the next 4 nights.

    IT IS INCREDIBLE! it really does just feel like you are shooting a continuous load for the whole time the PGasm lasts (CUMMING FOR MINUTES!!!!!!!). and then, if you are in the right state of mind, YOU GET ROUND AFTER ROUND OF IT!!!!!)

    BUT, i have had trouble getting back to the promised land since then (about a week+ ago).

    When did you have your breakthrough? was it literally a couple nights ago?

    I am interested to see how you go.

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