Should I be feeling something? Questions from a beginner

Hi there,

I’ve been really trying to get some results from my Helix Syn. For the past few days, I’ve been spending roughly 30 minutes listening to erotic audio or looking at sexy pictures with it in. I have some issues though:

1. I don’t feel much stimulation from my prostate, it almost feels like the prostate isn’t swollen or the Aneros isn’t reaching far enough. I do feel a very *very* light pressure on my sweet spot, but it’s more of a light tingle.

2. I am having trouble staying aroused. I’m focusing on keeping hands-off during these sessions, which isn’t a problem when I first begin and am getting lubed up. But once I begin focusing more on listening to any sensations from the toy, I start losing arousal pretty quickly.

I don’t think the Aneros is too short, but I’m not getting even a hint of that ‘having to pee feeling’ the prostate makes. I know that you need patience, and won’t be getting Super-O’s Day 1, but it’s kind of disconcerning that I’m barely feeling anything at all.

Is it possible the Helix Syn is too short? And what else can I do to keep up my arousal after I start?


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  1. I didn’t feel anything for a long time. You become more sensitive with practice.

    The prostate is generally just inside the anus so don’t worry about length. Some sizes might be more comfortable/easier for certain people but they can all get the job done.

    I’ve had wet orgasms(ejaculatory) with an aneros(no penis touching) and A-less (no aneros but still hands-free)but haven’t cracked the trick to dry orgasms(no ejaculation) or super O but you can try to not feel your prostate until you’ve built up the sensitivity.

    Focus on the pc muscle movements that are happening when you’re aroused.

    Those same muscles are what cause you to have a hard on so expect your boner to go away and come back as the muscles do their thing.

    Eventually those muscle movements however slight will start to feel really good.

    You probably wont feel much with regards to the sweet spot until you’re getting close to cumming.

    When you do get close to cumming don’t try to sprint towards it. The orgasm will probably run away from you.

    You might want to stop watching porn once it starts to feel good and focus on the good feelings so you can train yourself to enjoy pleasure. Even if you dont reach an orgasm it will make it easier to have an orgasm on a future attempt.

    Since you mentioned the having to pee feeling, I’ll say that in my experience that only happens if you’re applying too much pressure. A lighter pressure will take you a long way and you’ll never feel like peeing.

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