Last nights attempt

Ok where to start? Bit of history been doing this for over 15 years only had little snippets of pleasure, enough to know I must keep chasing. I tried big toys last one Njoy which is very good but still come back aneros.
Last night had couple of hours so started to relax. Watching tv thought I will have a quick go. Was on my side as I push aneros in straight away pleasure and per cum. I used on side for a bit very small wave of pleasure. Went on back moved around a bit till felt like the right place.
Normally I have just a bit of small waves of pleasure but this time I was determined to just carry on where normally I stop. I concentrated more on the feeling every time grip as it moved down then relax pushed it back over prostate. The first one was different than normal it felt like is came from my testicles getting warmer and deeper I could hold the pleasure for 10-20 seconds then go to the background. I built up again and again I must had had 5 easily. The last one I just couldn’t release but was so powerful small amount of cum just leaked out. I lost track of time was 2hrs of pleasure. Breathing helped deep breathing not hold and forcing it to happen. I know that big one is there last night proved it can happen. I was thinking I am one the guy that just can’t.


2 comments on “Last nights attempt


    Sounds like you had a pretty damn good session to me! Keep doing more of THAT!

    That’s awesome. I’m happy for you!

  2. Odd how after years sometimes – something just ‘clicks’ and then bingo! Congratulations mate. Enjoy.

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