Helix Trident feels like it’s vibrating

Hey guys.

I’ve been having trouble replicating my initial PGasm success that i had about a week ago with the progasm so thought that i would try the Helix Trident last night. (the last couple of times i tried to progasm it just felt to be really aggressively going for my prostate).

No PGasm with the Helix but i did get to the point where it honest-to-god felt like the thing was a powered vibrator. i felt vibrations in my arse, balls and entire dick.

I have used vibes and this really felt like that. not talking about “tingles” here. It felt like the thing was plugged in/powered.

It felt really good and it could probably have got me over the edge if i wasn’t being distracted by the “i don’t want to piss myself” thing.

Is that a known thing?

EDIT: i started my journey with the Helix but didn’t have a breakthrough until the progasm. this is the first real time i’ve gone back to the Helix and this is the first time the Helix has given me this sensation.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/lni36q/helix_trident_feels_like_its_vibrating/


  1. Early on in my journey, I often found changing up toys made a big difference. Which is part of the reason I have several now, but after staying on the journey for awhile they all have the desired effect.

  2. I get kind of a “buzzing” feeling from the MGX. Not sure if that’s anything like a vibrator because I’ve never used one. My least favourite model by far is the classic Helix because I find it to be too firm with pressure and not mobile enough

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