My body ‘trying’ to cum

Hi everyone! So I’ve been experimenting with my aneros toys since late summer but I’ve only managed to have about 9 sessions. I had my last couple of sessions around new year and realised that if I edged before putting the toy in, then went hands free after insertion, that really kick started the pleasure.

I haven’t had any orgasms yet but it can feel really nice and I think I’ve made some good progress, where I can even feel subtle sensations across other parts of my body… nothing major but something different for sure.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to use my toys for over two months until last night. I found my progress had reversed a little, but not much. And I eventually reached a few ‘windows’ of pleasure. It’s like the pleasure comes in waves (not waves over my body though), just that it’s sporadic and seems to build.

At the height of one of these waves last night the pleasure really was very nice. But it’s like my body is about to erupt into something more and it can’t do that. Even my abs started flexing and it’s like my body is about to have some big orgasm that doesn’t quite come. I’m quite certain each of these waves is when there’s precum slowly making it’s way out of me too.

Anyway, it all feels great and I do love it but does anyone have any insight into this? What do you think it is I’m experiencing and what might come next? I don’t think I can quite label this an orgasm yet.

Thanks guys!


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  1. That’s exactly what you’re going for. Just keep it up and that feeling will last longer and longer getting more and more intense until you’re basically convulsing uncontrolled, that’s the super O. I eventually feel like I’m having a continuous orgasm and if you can stand it you will be amazed how long it can go on. At least that’s my experience, imo you’re doing great for only 9 sessions in. Good luck and have fun!

  2. hey bud

    like u/AnotherBureaucrat said, just keep it up. Those PWaves will continue to build on each other until you get to full orgasm.

    A couple of things i would add is 1) you can’t force this. you have to be in a totally open and relaxed state of submission. you have to be willing to “let this happen to you”. be a passenger in the car, not the driver. 2) you might NOT end up convulsing on the bed. That might not be your thing. it’s not mine (at least not so far). my legs tremble a bit but i feel the PGasm a lot more localized to my prostate and penis. For me it feels like i am cumming for minutes at a time.

    For sure it sounds like you are well on your way. Just go into your sessions being open and receptive to whatever sensations you get. If they end up building then enjoy that ride! They will eventually carry you across the threshold to your experience of full PGasms.

    When that happens HOLD ON TIGHT!


  3. I agree with Butt_Munky. I spent a while at this level. I learned from these forums that “chasing” the Super-O hurts more than it helps. I worked on switching gears to focus on what was currently happening and not on what I wanted to happen. This brought into focus how important it is to relax. I mean completely relax every little muscle in your abdomen with just a tiny PC and sphincter flex. This is really hard though and I frequently found myself starting to tense up. Once I relaxed, the feeling was waiting there for me. That twitching brought on by the tiny PC and sphincter flex is super fragile and its easy to squash it.

  4. Thanks so much for the explanation and encouragement guys. It’s very hard but next session I’ll just focus on the pleasure I’m getting. It feels so great but it’s like I’m begging for more as if my body expects to kind of explode into orgasm, I’ll have to resist that mindset as best I can!

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