My experience, some questions..

Hello guys. Soo i’ve been experimenting with prostate play for about 4-5 months and i think im having a really good progress. I don’t know for you but tor me a-less is far more pleasurable. I enjoy the aneros also, but it seems that with the a-less i can get more in the zone ir you understand me. Is this normal? Am i alone on this side?

The other question is for prostate play veterans:
How would you rank all the orgasm one can have in order of pleasure?
Penile orgasm,Mini-O,Dry orgasm, Prostate wet orgasm, Super-o and et cetera…

Thank you and happy playing 😉


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  1. Hey bud
    I’m not a vet (been doing this for about 6 months but have achieved PGasms).

    If you are able to get pleasure from aless then that’s awesome. All pleasure you can experience on this journey is excellent.

    Question: by aless, do you mean that you have achieved full PGasms without the aneros or you are enjoying the pwaves you are getting in your aless sessions?

    In my journey I have achieved multiple dry OS but not had a super O yet. For me I would say that ejaculation is the bottom of that pile. Any form of PGasm trumps a regular cumshot anyday of the week!

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