Feeling like you need to pee in a session? (or is it precum buildup and pressure?)

Hi guys

So the post title pretty much sums it up. In most of my recent sessions i have had a real urge to pee.

I know that this is listed as a common thing but it find it really distracting (which, of course, kills a session). i take a leak before the session so i know that there is nothing there but when this happens mid session i stop, go the bathroom and manage to squeeze out more pee.

In session this makes me tense up cos i really feel like a can’t relax cos, y’know, the whole “i don’t want to piss the bed!” situation.

I guess my question is: Is this really an urge to pee or am i misreading this as a more positive sign of something else? Is it something that i should just allow to carry on cos it’s a good thing?

I read in another post way back (sorry ,can’t remember the poster) about another brother who had this and it ended up being a massive release of precum. He was into a session and had the same thought of “i really need to piss” but was soooo caught up in the session that he just thought “fuck it, if i piss the bed i’ll just clean it up, this is too good to stop” and he ended up shooting precum instead of piss.

If this is actually a positive marker and milestone then i guess a follow up question would be, how do you relax enough to get past that barrier and let whatever happen? (the subconscious urge to control bladder and bowel function is not that easy for me to overcome)

I hope this makes sense to y’all and hopefully some of you have some guidance cos this is becoming quite an annoying roadblock.


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/lpnvk1/feeling_like_you_need_to_pee_in_a_session_or_is/

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  1. I have exactly the same issue. Have had to pee multiple times in the middle of a session. I do notice though that it’s crystal clear & odorless. No yellow like when I pee before a session. After I do pee the sensations seemed to be enhanced and better. I’ll be watching this thread with interest.

  2. I’m lucky (or unlucky, maybe) that I always get rock hard when I’m having involuntaries, so no matter how much I relax, I never end up peeing. Not sure where the sensation will lead as I make progress.

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