4 comments on “Syn models vs not syn models help

  1. i have the Helix Syn and it does get “sticky/clingy” with water based lube fairly quickly (unless you use a lot and do a good job of prelubing you hole (and, even then…)

    Also, you are limited to water based lube with this model given that the toy is coated in silicone. FWIW: knowing what i know now, i would have gone for the more traditional hard surface Helix. I won’t buy a Syn model again.

    I also have a Progasm and much prefer that models material for it’s slickness and ease of cleaning.

  2. I actually have much better luck with the trident models. As for me they move a lot better. The syn models can stick at times. Not to mention you’re limited on what lubes you can use.

  3. The sensations are only marginally different. The syn models have some “drag” to them which can be nice. The silicone also makes them a little more gentle (squishy) which can be better for first timers who are still working things out. For veterans looking for more pressure that may be a little less helpful… but it’s only a small difference if you ask me. The non-syn versions are obviously much more rigid and “unforgiving” so IMO tend to work better/faster if you are sensitive already. Having used both versions of the Eupho, I like the non-syn better, but honestly it’s mostly cause I like not having to think about lube choice. That said, I still like water based lube because it provides the best movement, even with non-syn models.

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