1. It really depends on how well u can open your heart and allow your energy/wave to flow, I don’t think time is the problem here, it’s usually very spontaneous. U will find or hear a lot about the rewiring takes time, I think rewiring is only a term people use for their effort for achieving it. but this kind of orgasm is actually very spontaneous, u just suddenly realise/remember how to have it when u completely surrender, the time u spent “rewiring” actually isn’t the reason it happen at all. Forget everything you know about male orgasm and especially ejaculation orgasm and allow yourself to enjoy every sensation/energy present in your body. The better you are able to feel the energy/sensation movements in your body, and the better u are able at bringing yourself to the peace of the present moments, the quicker u are able to get he super o. Some people get instant result some will never get it after years of trying.

  2. As often as you have the time and desire.

    But it’s better if you space the sessions out over one or two days. Personally, I do two sessions a week on average. And often I do a third session, but without a massager.

  3. Actually, if you do too many sessions at one time it can desensitize your prostate. Thus taking you backwards. I typically do two sessions a week. If I do get horny between those times I do Aless sessions. Aless meaning Anerosless. No toy inserted. It’s easy to get carried away at first trying to get there. Don’t chase it, relax and enjoy the journey. Meantime, read this and research. http://wiki.malegspot.com/index.php?title=Main_Page

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