1. Glad you asked this as i was thinking about getting the Eupho.

    I have heard/read from those that have that model that it just seems to “home right in on the prostate” and “hit the spot”. also, that is is very mobile.

    Interested to see what the other brothers chime in with


  2. If you aren’t getting much mobility with the Helix Syn trident, then I would STRONGLY recommend trying out a few different types of lube. For myself a regular water-based lube does the job, but I noticed great improvements when I changed brand.

  3. I’d go with the Eupho non-syn. It got me over the hump into pgasm land.

    RE: Helix Syn, try water based lubes. Also try “injecting” a bit before a session. They make one-time use thingies, or you can use a simple bulb enema and whatever lube you have.

  4. I switched to the Helix trident. It moves much better in my experience. Plus you can use any lube with it. I now stay away from the syn toys as they can drag & stick a little.

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