First orgasm

I smoked weed. A hybrid that is indica dominant. My prostate was pouncing like it had its own heart beat. The key was to allow myself to feel the pleasure. I each pulse of my prostate felt better and better until I had a dry orgasm. It felt like a regular orgasm in stregnth but the point is that I finally felt a hands free orgasm. Will abstain from masterbation this whole week. I know that will be the key to a super o. Will keep you guys posted. Thanks



  1. I myself have had awesome results from Sativa however have not tried Indiuca! LOL I have always gotten so sleepy on that, but heck from this review here, I’m gonna have to give it a whirl! Thanks!

  2. I’m getting discouraged… not a fan of drugs. Is a pgasm even possible without weed and/or poppers?

  3. Shit, I don’t smoke but I really need to try weed some day for Aneros-sessions…. the bad thing is, it is highly illegal here. The best I could get would be CBD-oil for oral use and CBD-eliquid for vaping, though I did read that stuff can be toxic..?
    Any way I doubt that the CBD is doing the trick, probably it is really the THC? Fuck Corona, NL is not far from here but lockdown and I have no clue where and how to get weed-things anyway.

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