First mini-o(?)

i have a helix syn trident and have been getting pretty frustrated that i hadn’t been making any progress. Yesterday I realized my problem, i was amplifying the wrong feeling.

After reading about “letting go” on the forums and reddit i tried doing that by just letting my body take in the pleasure. Feelings started to get intense and when things started to get intense i felt a familiar feeling that was like extreme butterflys in stomach. That feeling was so extreme that it felt a little scary and i mistook it as a fight or flight response. I got scared then stopped.

Was this the right feeling or was i focusing on the wrong feeling?



  1. CONGRATS! That is definitely what you are going for. I wouldn’t say that’s a mini-O though. It sounds like you are close however.

    A mini-O (at least the ones i’ve had) are very brief involuntary contractions of the prostate. you might have 1,2 or 3 of these in quick succession and they feel awesome!

    Just keep on relaxing into the sensations you were getting and your body will bless you with these mini-O’s. When you have them you know what a prostate orgasm will feel like as it’s the same thing but goes on for minutes at a time!

    I’m really happy for you buddy. That’s great progress!

    Be warned though, if you are anything like me then when the mini-O hits there is a good chance that you will be overcome by “what the fuck!” thoughts and will be kicked out of the zone. If that happens don’t worry, you would have broken new ground and have the confidence that you can do this. It’s all real!

  2. the way u let go and let your body take in the pleasure, you can also do the same to the fear that arises in the process. allow the fearful feeling to come and wash over your being and let it go. Those fearful feelings don’t come from nowhere, its been residing in you and stopping you from flowing your feelings and sensation throughout your body, which is essentially what super o is about. surrender to all feelings and sensation, simply let it come with no resistance.

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