Involuntaries… what now?

I can usually trigger the involuntary movements pretty easily with a few *flex and holds* however once the involuntary movements start I am not quite sure what to do next. Here’s what I have tried:
1. Maintain the flex – Requires a lot of concentration, some pleasurable sensations to start but they generally fade and I restart the process again
2. Relax the flex – Involuntaries stop and I have to flex harder again to restart
3. Flex harder – Involuntaries get stronger and it feels like the aneros is fucking me but muscles become fatigued

*Flex and hold* = contracting my PC and sphincter muscles at same time and holding the flex



  1. You will soon be rewarded with tension in your pelvic floor. Tension causes the experience to deteriorate. Your musculature should not be fatigued. Stop employing the use of flexes/Kegels .

  2. Hey bud! first off, congrats on the involuntaries!

    in the interests of transparency i am 6 months new to this and only got to PGasms about 2 weeks ago.

    For me, on my journey, i made progress when i let the involuntaries do their thing. At that point i stopped focusing on any specific form of contraction or tension and let my body take over. instead of focusing on contractions i just focused on enjoying the PWaves that came from the involuntaries and let that pleasure turn me on even more. for me that became a positive feedback loop.

    Disclaimer: for me, i have to have nipple stimulation. My nips seem like an extension of my prostate so when i stroke my nips i feel that sensation in my prostate and that goes toward building the PWaves. I can’t do this without that (but many others can…).

    I hope that helps.

    As i said, i am still relatively new to this.

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