Tenth session and I feel so close! Advice?

Hey guys, I’m looking for some advice to hit that next level.

I’m at the point now where I can get involuntaries of the muscles that move the toy, but they don’t dominate the session, just appear now and then. I’m also consistently getting some very nice pleasure in my session at times.

The session kind of goes like this (I’ll try to make this not sound like fap material 😆) – I watch porn with my toy in and I’ll generally contract the muscles, it’s kind of voluntary, kind of not, I just follow what my body does and sometimes that can set off the true involuntaries. The pleasure that I get kind of comes in ‘waves’, by which I mean that after the toy has stimulated my prostate sufficiently, it begins to feel very nice. Usually at this point my dick gets hard and it’s like my body is trying to cum and I’m at the edge, then it dials back. It can feel very, very nice. The pleasure subsides for a little while, then another wave will come and often it can be stronger. Are these what pleasure waves are?

The toy brushing against my prostate begins to feel amazing and as the pleasure builds and it lifts off my prostate, that’s where the respite comes to feel that wave of pleasure.

The height of these waves are where I feel like my body wants to explode into an orgasm. Last night at the best one of these waves, my heart started to thump and my dick got hard again, feeling on the edge of some amazing orgasm. As the toy lifted off the wave began, but I gently encouraged the toy to keep touching my prostate as the wave arrived and that kept my heart beating fast and extended the pleasure. Really, the pleasure is amazing, but it doesn’t feel like it crosses over into the realm of an orgasm.

I tried to not get carried away as the pleasure arrived, especially along with the fast heartbeat, but I did get a little distracted like ‘this is it!’

I carried on after that, but the pleasure never built back up to anywhere near those heights. I wonder if part of the issue was arousal, I wasn’t that aroused before I started, I just wanted to have another session. The waves of pleasure do seem to coincide to something turning me on a lot in the porn I’m watching too. So maybe abstaining for a few days could be an answer? I have a hard time not cumming at least every other day tbh.

So yeah I suppose it’s a two part question, are these pleasure waves that I’m feeling? And how do I cross over into the land where it feels like an orgasm?

Thanks for reading!

*edit, typos. Also, I got sore shortly after that wave, but I felt like I was onto something so kept going, I think I probably should stop at that point

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    So, to little ol’ newbie me it certainly sounds like you are really close! The pounding heart thing is certainly what happens to me (it’s a little cardio workout all by itself!).

    For me (and please, the more experienced brothers out there chime in), this is when i really start to focus on getting out of the drivers seat. I have tried a number of things: consciously relaxing my lower body, imagine i’m melting into the bed, telling myself that “I submit”, telling myself to “do nothing”. Basically anything to get out of the way and let the magic happen.

    This is where my inexperience comes in cos i can’t explain it any better than that. BUT, it’s when i have managed to succeed at THAT is when the PWaves and energy just continues to build by itself and leads to Mini-Os (one to several brief contractions of the prostate) and, hopefully, PGasm. (sustained contractions of the prostate for minutes at a time)

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