First toy questions / recommendations

So most of the recommendations seem to vary but I think I’m going to go for helix trident as it’s more of an all around/beginner type from what I can understand.

Is the only difference between the white vs syn the material used? I’m looking for something that requires less maintenance, especially drying before storage which makes me lean towards the white version rather than the syn.

Also open to other recommendations from past experience. I have an njoy wand and want something else to compliment that as sometimes I don’t want to focus on actually moving the device and want something a bit more passive.

Also while i have a thread open, does anyone have experience with prostate play on multiple consecutive days? Does going back to back days make the second day any less pleasurable or more uncomfortable if you’re sore? Are daily breaks recommended ?


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  1. Helix Trident is a good choice If you want less maintenance since it’s easier to clean. And you can use all type of lube.

    For me the best results are when I have two sessions a week.

    Have a nice journey!

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