Was this a “calm seas” PGasm?

Hey guys.

recently i have been really enjoying ALess sessions. They have been getting really intense and the last full PGasm i had was Aless (just over a week ago, i think).

Of the full PGasms i have had the orgasms have been intense with the prostate contractions feeling like “BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM!!!!!!!” etc… with this going on for minutes.

So, last night I was having a really nice ALess session and i could really feel it building with the PWaves getting higher and involuntaries really feeling more intense and focused on my prostate. It was really nice and i would have been happy just enjoying that before i went to sleep.

Anyway, shortly after that my prostate began contracting A La PGasm but this felt different. Instead of the “BAM BAM BA-BAM BAMBAMBAM, BBBBBB-BAM….” it instead felt a lot more gentle and slow. like my prostate was being lovingly and rhymically squeezed. My heart was beating harder but not like it has before for my other Pgasms.

This was most definitely my prostate contracting and it felt totally amazing but this was not the same as before.

I have heard about the “calm seas” orgasms and i think that this maybe sounds a bit like that. What do you guys think? I stopped after about 15 minutes cos i needed to sleep but i really feel like i could have kept that going indefinitely.

It was less intense for sure but not worse. Just different.

Or, am i misreading this and mistaking PWaves that were bordering on full PGasm? The only thing that makes me doubt that is that this was definitely my prostate SLOWLY contracting.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/lxuybs/was_this_a_calm_seas_pgasm/

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  1. I’d say it’s very much a spectrum 😃. There are many flavors of prostate orgasm, if only we are lucky enough to sample them all! I try to advise not to get too caught up on defining what type any given orgasm may be. I actually dislike the term Super-O because I feel it tends to hinder progress for new users since they tend to ignore the pleasure they’re already receiving and tend to forget to smell the roses and embrace the journey.

    That said, I also think it’s good to share our experiences with each other as it can be very helpful. I just try to caution categorizing things into neat little boxes because there is such a variety if that makes sense. In any case, sounds like you are really kicking ass on the A-less front, kudos to you good sir!

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