Aneros Progasm awakened my prostate

23 y/o here. Bisexual so no stranger to receptive anal stuff. Prior to buying an aneros I had been messing around with a vibrating kegel ball, and although it felt great I wasn’t getting prostate orgasms from it. Regardless, I am still aware of the muscles down there and how to get pleasure from playing with my ass.

Last Monday the progasm finally came in the mail. I was so excited because I had been reading up on these forums and the aneros website prior, so I had an idea of what I was doing. Also they say that progasm isn’t best for beginners…I beg to differ!

So Monday night I finally got around to using the aneros. After popping it in it feels extremely pleasurable and filling. I was using it on and off for a couple hours, but then when I finally went to bed the real fun started. I was in bed with the progasm in, and smoked some weed prior. This seemed to be the key. After doing the light contractions and feeling p waves, things began to escalate. My body was shaking and the toy was moving by itself. Then before I knew it, my PC muscles are stuck in the “tug of war”. My whole body was shaking and the pleasure was coming in strong waves. My PC muscles were quivering uncontrollably and the P tab of the toy felt so good pressing into me. This basically continued til I got tired. I was satisfied in achieving a prostate orgasm even if not a super o.

I have used the aneros for the past three nights and something has happened. When the aneros is not in, I get these same rapid PC muscle contractions. During the day, I have been getting a-less hands free dry orgasms which feel amazing. I can basically do it on command. Every night I use the aneros, things get more and more intense. I think I will take a break tonight and just go a-less.

Overall I’m incredible happy at how well and quickly my body has responded to the toy and the feelings it gives me. My prostate is basically buzzing with pleasure now and I can tap that pleasure at will. I can’t wait until a super o finally hits me. The orgasms I have got so far feel amazing, so I can’t even imagine how much better it can get.

TLDR: progasm awakened my prostate and I can now produce HFDOs on near command.



  1. WOW! Holy Crap! and i thought MY progress was fast (6 months).

    WELL DONE! I think you might be a bit of a unicorn!

    Welcome to the club man! Enjoy the ride!


  2. Congrats so happy for you I’ve been exploring since 2013 and only now starting to get things working

  3. Sounds to me like you had a super orgasm!!! That’s all of the signs and sensations from my understanding!! I think your next step is a hands free wet orgasm in my opinion. Those seem to be incredibly hard to achieve however wow, the feeling when you totally lose control and body is shaking uncontrollably is so freaking amazing! Congrats on getting there so fast! Maybe the prior ass experience helped get you there so fast!

  4. Once you unlock this pleasure it’s hard to imagine there’s more available – but there is. Personally I am gob smacked my body can do this… it’s like finding out what a clitoris does at 50 (as a woman)… eye opening.

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