Long term users, how do you balance your aneros use?

I feel like I’m approaching a breakthrough with my prostate/aneros but I’m a little concerned about what that might mean. I want to have a healthy balance. How often do you use your aneros? Does “rewiring” your prostate make you overly sexual in unwanted situations? Does it make you disinterested in penile orgasms or sex with a partner?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/lxqqzg/long_term_users_how_do_you_balance_your_aneros_use/


  1. Prostate play is like anything else. It can become addicting if you let it. Just stagger your play. If you feel yourself doing it too often, then step away and take a break.

  2. For me prostate orgasms eclipse totally normal ejaculatory penile orgasms by several orders of magnitude. As a result I haven’t had a ejaculatory orgasm for several weeks now as the build up (for me) does seem to ramp things up more for my prostate. That said I don’t spend every waking moment waiting and wanting an aneros session – so my focus has shifted but not to an consuming level. I probably will make a point of having a traditional orgasm soon just to ‘clear the tubes’ and reset things… I can see that pgasms could become addictive – after all what’s not to love about intense multiple full body orgasms that don’t leave you tired/sleepy?

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