Intense sensation and build up, but not orgasm?

Today I decided to have a relaxing time. I had always tried to chase prostate orgasm, which never succeeded.

But today I think I got to a point I had never been before. I relaxed with some music, while the toy kept pressing the spot perfectly. The only thing I did was squeezing pc muscles tight. Then suddenly my heart ran fast and the anus area got warm. It felt like climbing up the sensation, but didn’t release with an orgasm. Eventually, I had to pee, and gave up. This whole process took about an hour.

I squeezed the pc muscles without releasing, and it was by this move that I think I got to that intense sensation. Is this a right approach?



  1. Lately I do the same, not chasing the orgasm was one of the best decisions. Personaly I do my sessions like a form of meditation (or as I regard it per say more than just self pleasure) for chaneling that climbing sensation you talk about and I finish a session by cumming or not but the end result ia the same, I feel energized as never before.

    I would say your in the right direction, it depends what goals are you trying to achieve as well.

  2. Hey bud.

    The increased heart rate and flushing definitely sound like good indicators. My heart beats like crazy when i’m getting close.

    If you back off from your strong contraction do you still feel the Pwave? do you have like “aftershocks” after?

    Some of my involuntary contractions get pretty intense the closer i get and i notice that when i focus on relaxing through it and the contraction eases off a bit it’s like the muscles will sort of rebound or recoil and that sends a major PWave off.

    Also, when i relax from such a contraction i notice that the PWaves seem more intense even when relaxed and are easier for me to build up again (with nipple stimulation).

    Eventually, the involuntaries and subsequent increasing levels of PWave build up to ever increasing pleasure. At least for me.

    Also, for me, another sign is leaking like a fucking faucet. That’s how i know that my prostate is “in the game” so to speak.

  3. u sound like orgasm is just a one off event, while its true for traditional ejaculation orgasm, it isn’t when it comes to super o. u wont cum, u might squirt mixture of urine/prostatic fluid/precum/cum but u wont ejaculation and have a refractory period. i can’t tell you if its the right move or not because there are endless ways to get a super o and squeezing pc muscle is just one of them, and your intense sensation means different things to everyone, literally. start by defining your own orgasm, so u wont blindly chase someone’s journey, because we may feel similar pleasure at the end, but the words we use and the image we see has complete different meaning to everyone, and it wont necessary lead you to the same place(super o). Focus your own energy, its just you and yourself, there no one else and nothing else, be in the present moment and free yourself from the mind and bodily tension, be at peace and your body will know what to do with those energy.

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